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We offer more than four decades of experience in employment law. Our clients benefit from our considerable knowledge of the law and our experience in interpreting and applying the legislation, regulations, and case law that impact the employer-employee relationship. We stay up to date on changes in the law so that our clients don't have to. We also offer clients our perspective on how employment and discrimination issues are best handled.  We believe in thoughtful employment policies that are consistently implemented and frequently updated.  We are fans of "preventive maintenance," believing that it helps avoid employment disputes and minimizes the risk of discrimination claims. When disputes occur, we look for opportunities for early, cost-effective resolution.  When resolution isn't appropriate, we are zealous advocates for our clients. We believe, however, that zealous advocacy can be pursued with civility.  We endeavor to treat our adversaries, judges, administrative agencies, and all participants in the legal process with respect.  

Judy Langevin

Judy Langevin has been in private practice, focused on employment law, since 1982.  From 1973 - 1981, she worked in public service, primarily at St. Paul and Minnesota state human rights enforcement agencies.  She provides advice and representation to employers and acts as a mediator of employment law disputes.  Judy is a frequent speaker at continuing legal education seminars and writes on employment law topics for business and legal audiences.  For additional information about Judy's background and experience, click here.

Judy Langevin


Direct: 612-337-9051

Chuck Lentz Retires!

Effective June 30, 2022, founding partner Chuck Lentz will retire from the practice of law and from Langevin Lentz LLC.

Although no longer in practice, Chuck will forever set the standard for reasonableness in lawyering.  

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